Lydia's mother. She died before the beginning of the series. Lydia looks up to her, and she is the inspiration behind Lydia's determination to become a good fairy doctor.

Aurora was born in the Highlands, to the Makhli family (which has deep connections with fairy folk). However, she later learns that she was not her parents' true daughter, but a changeling. This is because of a deal that was made with a family of fairies.

According to lore, a Seer sleeps in the Highlands, who will one day awake to lead the battle against the "Prince of Disaster". In order to awake however, he requires life energy that is more pure in women, and more importantly women carrying fairies blood. In order to ensure that such a woman is available for the Seer's awakening during times of crisis. the Makhil family has for generations traded their first-borns with a particular fairy families first-borns, and essentially cross-mated them, thereby strengthening the life energy of the resulting offspring. 

Aurora was one such chageling, but she rejected her fate and instead fled her homeland with Professor Carlton.

She died young, supposedly from an illness. However, unknown to even Professor Carlton, she had onced ventures into the Highlands and opened that Seer's coffin (19 years before the series began), and as such had her life drastically shortened. 

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